At present, face-to-face business models are evolving exponentially towards the digital business.

Being able to send communications electronically has become a necessary requirement to boost and ensure business continuity.

Communication Chanel is a SaaS application, developed in order to make easy communications that organizations must make to stakeholders (Employees, partners, customers, suppliers and other parties that relate with the organization).

An electronic time-stamped record of each communication is generated, certified by a trusted third party.


Main benefits and advantages

Bidirectional communications

(documents and questionnaires)


  • Allows you to attach documents to a communication.
  • Allows you to create all kinds of questionnaires and attach them to a communication.
  • Allow files to be attached when the recipient receives a communication.

Improves the communication plan

  • Help to improve communications with stakeholders, with probative value of reception and content of communications.
  • Allows you to create all kinds of questionnaires and attach them to a communication.
  • Allows you to send communications in 4 languages: es  (Spanish) –  en   (Catalan) –  in (English) –  fr  (French).

Allows you to track communications

  • Allows real-time monitoring of communications.
  • Let’s you know which recipients the communication will send to, before activating the shipment.
  • Allows you to create – add recipients directly from an Excel file.
  • Allow you to create – add recipients directly from a Web service.


  • All communications have implicitly a traceability of the entire communication process.
  • A certificate of each communication can be generated.


  • All communications generate electronic evidence.
  • The company “Uanataca” acts as a trusted third party by providing and ensuring that the evidence generated has occurred in an instant of time, being able to serve as a physical test in a judicial process.

Recipient Portal

  • In the portal of the recipient (receiver) of the communications, you can see intuitively, communications received, and can be filtered, sorted by date, name of the statement, category, type, status.


  • The confidentiality of communications between the different users of the channel is guaranteed.
  • The confidentiality of communications between (sender and receiver) is guaranteed.
  • At any time, the recipient (recipient of the communication), can check the integrity of the document received, making a check of the time stamp.

The technology platform

It is a platform developed with the best techniques, languages and technologies in force of high performance for solutions and web and mobility projects.

Offered in SaaS/Cloud mode, where the customer can make use of it at all times and from anywhere if they have internet connection, without having to invest in computer infrastructure. It works perfectly through the web browser of a conventional computer, a Mac computer or even a tablet or phone.

The modular architecture of the platform makes it 100% scalable and therefore is constantly evolving to offer the best current and future benefits and needs of our customers.

  • Multi-platform, multi-language

  • Multi-user, multi-company

  • Simple and easy to use

  • Safe and reliable

  • Customized for each client