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Canal de Comunicació i Gestió [Communication Channel], is an expert company in electronic communications, and remote signature of documents.

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Canal de Comunicació i Gestió, has done a great job with this platform, providing NEUS DEL VALIRA S.A. – GRANDVALIRA of a tool that speeds up the management of the signing of contracts, moving the signing of documents manually to 100% digitized. We thus avoid physical custody of contracts and their passing from hand to hand, and centralize in a single tool the management and review of the status of these contracts. We also save on issuing certified letters, phone calls and tracking postal items in order to control their correct delivery.

Josep Capell, Head of IT systems of Neus del Valira S.A. - Grandvalira

The Communication Channel platform has allowed us to be much more competitive in the management of privacy projects, as well as in the management of the business, as we have achieved a “paperless” company favoring the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility in all areas.

Carme Laplana, CEO of Mallafrè Consultors

The Communication Channel platform has helped our Criminal Prevention Plans to be more effective, as it allows us to communicate vital documents such as the Code of Ethics and Prohibited Conduct, as well as send questionnaires with traceability, electronic evidence and time stamp .

Joan M. Mallafrè, CEO of Legal&Compliance

The communication channel has made it possible to digitize the vast majority of documentation with which HHRR works, thus speeding up the recruitment process. We have also improved the prevention of occupational hazards, by being able to keep our workers properly informed of all changes that occur in procedures and risk assessments in the framework of continuous improvement.

Xavier Saura |Management Control/ DPO, Grupo Navec Servicios Industriales